Sunny Chicago skylineSome readers thought the rude airplane guy might be Cub. I think I changed his design in the trade-paperback remastering, to make the resemblance less dramatic.

And so we arrive in “the reason why I have a whole folder of reference photos for Chicago.” Walker’s earlier Shine incarnation is based in the same city, so it seems likely it was a reference to Little Orphan Annie being created for the Chicago Tribune.

This seems to be going well, so let’s switch scenes.

In the near future, on an international flight . . .

Plane guy: Hey there, little lady, wake up! Your meal’s here.

Jany: Wh-what? Oh . . . thanks.

Plane guy: First time taking a flight all by yourself?

Jany: . . . No?

Plane guy: Really! At your age?

Jany: I’m almost eighteen.

Plane guy: Is that so? Well! Your English is very good!


Jany (thinking): When does this flight end?

Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Jany: Walker’s Being is supposed to pick us up.

Kara Lynn: I’ll keep an eye out.

Ann’s Being: Found her. The girl is, as her name suggested, South Asian. Her Being — female-formed — appears East Asian, although notably tall and busty.

Sure, boss. I’m on it.

Excuse me? Are you Jany Balachandran?