Haruka and Michiru soft with rose petalsAnd speaking of Beings shifting into new shapes, Blake makes the debut of their Teenage Lesbian Bait form.

This was always supposed to give the same impression as the classic “Haruka and Michiru just walked into frame, and the background music turns into a chorus gently cooing over their perfection.”

…which I do think worked much better once I did the trade-paperback remaster, having learned in the meantime how to apply a bunch of Soft Glow Blur filtering.


Ann’s Being: You are! It’s lovely to meet you. I’m here to pick you up, on behalf of Ann Walker. You can call me Blake.

(Flawless hair
Flawless makeup
Flawless skin
Flawless outfit
Flawless curves
Flawless sashay)

Kara Lynn: This is, indeed, the Being we are looking for.

Jany: Mguh. . . . Good. I meant to say, good.