Tiger catgirl cosplayPlot twist alternate ending: Walker looks up “anime” and “cosplay”, falls completely down the rabbit hole of otaku-dom, and where a normal person would go broke trying to buy DVDs and figures, she burns through her whole fortune to license all her new favorites so she doesn’t have to rely on bootlegs.

…although clearly she’d have to hold some back for her Fancy Limo budget. (Jany definitely got that can of soda from the built-in fridge.)

Blake: Why don’t you tell me about yourself, Jany? What are your interests? How much experience do you have with the Game?

Jany: Well, um. I like a lot of anime . . . I wish I could do more cosplay, but it’s too expensive for me to really get into . . .

Blake: Uh-huh, uh-huh . . .

Blake (thinking): Note to self: ask Master to look up “anime”, “cosplay”.

Jany: I don’t know a lot about the Game at all. My gran never played, and I’ve only been in one battle, after we met a Being who said it would be good for Kara Lynn’s health.

Blake (thinking): There’s an interesting strategy . . . we may have to try it on reluctant Masters some time.

Jany: And it worked! Since then, she hasn’t had any blank-outs at all!

Blake (thinking): Wait, what?