Kitten batting at a cord, captioned 'Wait, I'll fix it'Blake is combining the “Beings are programmed to shut down if they don’t fight” theory with Walker’s personal favorite “all Beings must ultimately fight to the death” theory. Those weren’t actually developed to work together, but by gosh she’ll do her best.

While Cohen and Miranda got meaningful magic pentacles as their dramatic background accents, Walker and Blake get the Beings’ battle sigils. Left to right: Cybele, Poe, Blake, Patrick, Kara Lynn.

Blake: “Blank-outs”?Sounds worrying. And . . . unfamiliar. Tell me about them.

Kara Lynn: I —

Jany: It was really worrying! She would just freeze up, in the middle of whatever she was doing. Like a buffering video. And she wouldn’t respond to anything!

The theory we were told is that fighting was an important part
of Beings’ original programming. So if they don’t do it on a regular basis, their program deduces that they aren’t necessary, and starts to shut down.

Blake: I see . . . If we can’t even hold our own in the Game, of course we wouldn’t be worthy to stay around . . .

Kara Lynn: What’s that?

Blake: Just a different theory!

My Master will have to explain all that when you meet her.