fancy hotel lobbyYou almost feel bad for Blake and Walker. They’re going through a whole developed routine, wooing Jany the same way they’d court a major new corporate client…and Jany’s like “sweet, this has basic cable and air conditioning!”

The huge paintings on the walls are public-domain artwork. Museums have made so many beautiful high-res scans available of their art collections — if you don’t look through them for resources, you’re missing out.

Blake: I know you must be jet-lagged, so we won’t do any experiments today. Instead, let’s get you all settled . . .

. . . at your hotel.

Jany: Wowwww.

Blake: It has all the classiest amenities. Impeccable service from the concierge and pages . . . three restaurants with world-class cuisine, customizable room temperature and lighting controls —

Jany: — and an actual bed! This is great! I haven’t slept in one of these all month!

And it’s big enough for you to be comfortable too.

Kara Lynn: I’m glad, Master.

Blake: Can I help you find dinner? Maybe order in room service?

Jany: Oh, gosh, no. Mum says never to waste money on room service, it’s a ripoff.

We’re in America — let’s get hamburgers!

Blake: Of course! I’ll have the concierge send up a menu.

Blake (thinking): I think I might have overdressed for this role.