Coffee mug labeled I'd Rather Be SleepingA scrupulous Master like Miranda would’ve given a more explicit order here. A nervous Being like Patrick probably would’ve asked for confirmation. And if there was some important event coming up that the Master genuinely didn’t want to sleep through, most Beings would respond to that, and faithfully act as the short-term alarm clock their Master was asking for.

Kara Lynn pulls a more Cybele-esque move here, combining “you didn’t technically say not to do this” and “I know on some level this is what you really want” to interpret this as “I will let you sleep through the night.”


Jany: I bet this suite really is as big as Naresh’s whole flat! I don’t even want to think about what it’s costing. Did he text back while I was in the shower?

Kara Lynn: He did. I could only read his name, but I assume it was good, because he didn’t use any capslock. Are you going to try to stay awake, to get on a local sleep schedule?

Jany: “Try”, nothing. It’s still only half-one back home. I could stay up for hours!

Kara Lynn: Oh?

Jany: I should probably email Bianca and Sparrow. They’ll want to know I got here safe too.

And then, you know . . . maybe we could cuddle for a while . . . But first, I’m gonna shut my eyes, just for five minutes . . . Don’t let me pass out for too long, okay?

Kara Lynn: Of course, Master. ♥ I’ll only let you sleep for as long as your body needs.