Mug labeled Error: 4:04 AM: Sleep Not Found2:10 AM in Chicago is 3:10 AM in Boston (where Bianca is), and 8:10 AM in Woking (where Bianca thinks Jany is), so this checks out.

…not much else to say about this one, it goes from “recap” to “setup”, we’ll get to the actual conversation in a bit.

Dream Naresh: You won’t make her do work, but it’s fine to make her kiss you?

Dream Jany’s mother: Where did you think the money for your fancy school was coming from?

Dream Sparrow: . . . college degree, and I can’t even get called back for a job at Subway . . .


Clock: 2:10

Jany (thinking): I’m awake? It’s so early, local time . . .

I should try to get back to sleep.

Right after I check my mobile.

Oh, hey, Bianca’s on! She always seemed so calm and confident about Being stuff. I bet she’ll be reassuring to talk to.

Chat request from: saturn39

Bianca (thinking): I guess Jany must’ve just woken up back in England. Good thing I stayed up!