sleeping lizardHere we discover that Kara Lynn didn’t sit on the edge of the mattress watching Jany sleep the whole time. She curled up on the pillow and…uh, not quite accurate to say she slept, more like she went into sleep mode.

Here is also where it gets driven home that, even though Naresh was a bit off in his estimate of Kara Lynn’s feelings, Jany doesn’t have the strongest handle on them either.

violetbauble: Hey Jany :) So when do u make ur big US trip?

saturn39: i’m already here!
saturn39: still jet-lagged, no experiments yet, but ms. walker put me up in this super posh hotel room =D

violetbauble: Oh neat! When they start u have to tell me all about it.

saturn39: think they’ll have KL test diffrent forms? i’d love her no matter what ofc, but to think of her looking like a whole new person is so weird.

violetbauble: Well she’ll turn back in the end! Unless u tell her not to, she’ll default to that form u like.

saturn39: oh that was just the form she took on her own! i mean i like it, but b/c it’s her, you know?

violetbauble: Um…
violetbauble: Jany…tbh I’m not sure Beings *can* do things on their own.

saturn39: what? sure they can! kara lynn takes initiative all the time!
saturn39: and if patrick doesn’t, he’s just nervous i bet. his last master hurt him right? he’s scared of getting things wrong, that’s all.

violetbauble: Ok true, Patrick is super anxious, but think for a second — has Kara Lynn “taking initiative” ever been to do somethin u didn’t like?

saturn39: so what if she hasn’t? maybe she’s not wanted to!

violetbauble: or maybe she’s picking up on what *u* want. Maybe before u know it urself. Maybe even somethin that would b creepy or wrong irl, so u would never ask, but ur Being doesn’t know the difference, so they just go 4 it.
violetbauble: Hypothetically!
violetbauble: Not accusin u of anythin! Just saying.