kink collarPoor Bianca. She’s trying to come off as cool and nonjudgmental, but instead of steering the conversation into neutral waters, she tapped into a topic that Jany only has more self-defensive embarrassment and anger about.

At least Jany has the discretion to treat it as a private conversation she doesn’t want to rehash, instead of running off to Tumblr to make a 5000-word Callout Post about how Bianca is an abusive grooming pedophile because she mentioned that BDSM exists. Probably ships something horrible and problematic, too, like child-coded 28-year-olds, or characters who were good friends as kids which makes them basically siblings so therefore it’s literally incest.

saturn39: oh yeah? creepy things like *what*?

Bianca (thinking): Okay, how do I explain this . . . in a way that does not involve having to talk about anything personally embarrassing?

violetbauble: Like bdsm stuff 4 example. Someone who likes tying their partners up & havin them say “yes sir” & idk, spanking them or w/e.
violetbauble: W/ a human partner u would have limits & negotiations & stuff, & if it’s not somenthin they want, they have a safeword, right?
violetbauble: But a Being would never safeword. It’d be like hittin them is ur actual relationship. not a sexy game u agree 2 play.

Kara Lynn (Jany’s thoughts): Do I look pretty like this, Master?

saturn39: i would never!!

saturn39: hurting someone is *never* sexy!
saturn39: where are you even getting these ideas?
saturn39: maybe patrick should be worried!
saturn39: but just b/c you have scary fetishes doesn’t mean everyone does!

Bianca (thinking): Whoops. Either she’s a hardcore anti-kink person . . . or I just accidentally touched a nerve.