Girl Who Leapt Through Time coverThey have an unbearable lightness, you might say.

…actually, this seems like the right time to bring up Kara Lynn’s pose in the chapter cover art. She’s doing the fabulous skyward jump from the DVD/posters of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Is that pretty, or is it pretty.

If I was in Bianca’s position here, I’d probably just quietly back out of the conversation. But because this is fiction, I get to indulge in “sure, maybe Bianca doesn’t have the perfect response that clears up all the issues being yelled about, but she replies anyway and gets to make at least one good point that’s taken in good faith instead of being co-opted into an excuse for more yelling.”

Bianca (thinking): I’m not gonna be insulted by a teenager yelling about sex things they think are gross . . . but there’s no point in having a conversation at all if she’s gonna panic and shut it down. Maybe just try one more thing . . .

violetbauble: Again: I’m not accusin u! honest!
violetbauble: But yea I’ve screwed up w/ Patrick ok?

violetbauble: That’s why I’m tryin 2 tell u not 2.
violetbauble: It’s not about any 1 speciffic kink. whether u think it’s moral or not.
violetbauble: It’s more like: humans r complicated. W/ all kinds of heavy stuff goin on.
violetbauble: Not Beings. They’re simple & light by nature…unless u bring the complications 2 them.

Morning. (Local time.)

Blake: Are you ready to go? If you didn’t order room service, we can get breakfast on the way!

Kara Lynn: Is there something you want from me, Master?

Jany: No. Why?

Kara Lynn: Because I’m sensing mixed feelings from you about whether you want me to put on a jacket.