x-ray skeletonI kinda have a tendency to repeat syllables in the cast names, don’t I? Dr. Lin and Kara Lynn. Ann Walker and Lydia Ann (and Hannah and Miranda).

Anyway, here’s Dr. Lin and her Dragon Research Montage, as a counterpart to the earlier Dr. Lopez and his Cat Research Montage.

Extremely cute Baby Kara Lynn there! Followed by an extremely good Big Dragon.

…and that skeleton desperately needed a Master’s Edition touch-up. Don’t want to sit around for months making everything in the comic photo-accurate, but when the panel is explicitly calling out how identical it is to a human…? It should look like I actually used a reference.

Blake: This is the main research lab.

Dr. Lin: I’m Dr. Lin, and I’ll be supervising today’s research.

Jany: Pleasure to meet you!

Dr. Lin: All right, give us a spin!


This is the youngest you can get? How adorable.

Kara Lynn: Thank you, Doctor!

Dr. Lin: Wow, I’ve never seen one get that big!

Jany: Hear that, Kara Lynn? You’re awesome!

Dr. Lin: It’s amazing how well they mimic human shape — all the way down to the cells! It’s too bad we don’t have methods to test down to the DNA yet.

We’re just not fast enough to examine any samples before they degenerate into that dirt-like mix of minerals — I’m sure you’re familiar!

Jany: What? I mean, um. Of course I know about that! Who doesn’t?