Mug, labeled: If I can't take my lizard I'm not goingGood grief, Walker’s going almost supervillain-on-purpose here. “Of course we wouldn’t want to damage your Being…without a good reason.”

Dr. Lin, meanwhile — I don’t know that she’s actually very religious, but she’s been around Walker long enough for some of the Dramatic Biblical Apocalypse Language to osmose its way into her vocabulary. Did you hear about how Google Translate used to interpret repeat/nonsense strings of words into prophecies of Jesus’ return? Because that was such a significant chunk of the dataset it had to work with? It’s kind of like that.

Dr. Lin: We can show you our display sample, if you’re interested. It’s almost poetic — Biblical, if you will. As if “from dust they came, and to dust they shall return.”

Jany: Oh! Well, I, um. I’m sort of Muslim, actually. Not the sort where — I mean, I do eat bacon and everything. But Christian cultural references are going to go over my head a little. You’re not going to try to convert me, are you?

And you can’t take dirt samples from Kara Lynn!

Dr. Lin: Yes, yes.


Blake: Excuse us!

Jany, I’d like you to meet my Master.

Walker: Let’s make this quick — I have a shareholder meeting at eleven.

I challenge you.

Jany: Wait! Do you promise not to hurt her?

Walker: The goal here is to explore your abilities, not run past their limits and keep going. Here at Walker Labs, we have no interest in . . . purposeless . . . violence.