Miraculous Ladybug screencapMiraculous Ladybug had its earliest airing in late 2015, and this page was originally published in May 2014, so that’s not a sidelong “Plagg, claws out!” reference.

Aaaaand here we have Jany nearly spilling the beans. I think we all knew this stumble was coming. The only question was, how soon?

Jany: Okay, Kara Lynn, blast her!

Walker: Claws out.



Jany: Oh, wow, they’re so graceful like this! — whoa! Did you see that?

Walker: . . . if I had a nickel for every time I got that question, I could afford to do an extra hostile takeover every year.

Jany: Sorry, I’m just excited! She’s only ever fought in beast form before, with Pa–