pillow fortSparrow: “What about a job in dramatic foreshadowing? Some of those have to be open, right?”

…and here we see one of the perils of doing annotations slightly out-of-order: I already posted the omake where Sparrow was working retail, but haven’t gotten to the chapter where she gets hired yet.

They’re in the right order in the print volumes, don’t worry.

And speaking of print-volume order — this wraps up Trade Paperback Volume 4, or the first chunk of Master’s Edition Omnibus 2, both of which are followed by Interlude 3. Which takes place 100% in flashback, so no worries about continuity! After the usual inter-chapter break, that’s where we’re headed next.

Walker: Would I be correct in saying that money is tight for you right now?

Jany: Well, yeah. So thank you again for this trip! It’s like a paid holiday.

Walker: Indeed . . . Of course, it isn’t just a holiday. You’re being compensated for the help you and your Being are giving me in my research. And it would help all the more if you were available to do this on a . . . long-term basis. So, Jany . . .

How would you like a job?


Bianca: . . . Are you hiding in a pillow fort?

Sparrow: Yes. Yes, Bianca, I am. I have officially applied for a hundred jobs, and still haven’t been hired once. What am I doing wrong, huh? I have a good education! And it’s not like I’m picky!

I’d even take a job as an evil minion at this point!

Bianca: . . . I don’t think that’s a thing, Sparrow.

Chapter 15 ~ End