Chuck Grassley with an angry dragon diagramIn the main present-day storyline, we cut from “Sparrow talking about being an evil minion” to “Congressional pages.” Commentary?

These charts are…not much of an exaggeration, honestly. (Chris Murray did one that was a literal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at some point, but he was criticizing the lack of detail in a Republican plan, not presenting it as all the detail you need.)

I like Cybele’s page design. She’s extremely cute.

Washington, D.C.: Where, in theory, people from all across the nation elect to send their best and brightest to solve problems and move their country forward.

Where, in practice, what we get instead is Congress.

Bennett: Passing this bill will only make the average American unhappy . . .

. . . as you can see in this very scientific diagram!

I have another diagram with the feelings of the average American if we reject this bill . . .

. . . brought in by this helpful and entirely unknown-to-me page.

Cybele, why are you disguising yourself as a congressional page?

Cybele: It’s a convenient disguise for staying near you at work without raising suspicion, boss! Plus, it would really scare up support for your Being-restricting legislation if you exposed how easily I fooled federal security!

Bennett: . . . I wish you had come up with this idea before I started caring more about you than I do about the bill.