Signs like 'Down with this sort of thing' and 'I care about issues'Okay, here we go with some Fun Joke Signs.

On Bennett’s side:

  • something something “Racist”
  • If Gay Marriage is legal, how will My Marriage survive?
  • Born Again American

On the anti-Bennett side, with Sparrow:

  • Leviticus Also Said “No Shrimp”
  • What do we want? Time travel! When do we want it? Whenever!

Bennett’s opener is a reference to the time when conservatives pretended to be furiously concerned over wearing flag pins. Wells’s opener (changed in the remaster to replace something more generic) is from the famous Lauren Morrill tweet.

The audience question (and that’s a cameo of Elisa, from Leif & Thorn) is a purposely non-serious word-salad.

The debate!

Moderator: Our thanks to both candidates for joining us in this town-hall debate. And thanks to WSMR for hosting the broadcast.

Joining us today are the incumbent, Republican Arthur Bennett . . .

. . . and the challenger, Democrat Dana Wells.

The protestors:

Sign-holders: Grr . . .

Opening statements:

Bennett: . . . and my opponent couldn’t even be bothered to wear a flag pin!

Wells: I don’t know how to explain to you that you should care about other people.


Audience member: What are you going to do for same-sex student loan marginal tax rate exemptions?

More questions:

Moderator: Miss, please introduce yourself.

Sparrow: Gasp!