Nanoha geared up for a fight…and the interviewer is a cameo of Manager Ludolf, also from Leif & Thorn.

A challenger appears!

It is totally possible to refuse a challenge to the Game. If Bennett was faster on his feet, he would’ve gone “…to what?”, and, if Miranda spelled it out, “no, I don’t have a Being, what are you talking about.”

(And if he had nothing to do with Beings, he would’ve looked blank. Probably eventually prompted her with “to what?”)

So Miranda wasn’t banking on a Poe-Cybele fight, here. (Although she would’ve been ready if Bennett accepted.) Her main goal is to suss out Bennett’s reaction…and hopefully, to give him a good scare.

Miranda: Yes, hello! Thank you both for being here today! ♥ My name is Mandy, and my question is for the Congressman. Mr. Bennett . . .

. . . I challenge you.