Appropriations Committee FY 2002 video gameChecking in with the internet.

Suspense, or no suspense? Wide-ranging political consequences, or totally forgot the whole thing by the next news cycle? At this point in the storyline, I genuinely haven’t decided which one to go with, so the narrative is trying to have it both ways and keep the options open.

Not sure it worked, but at least the internet people are all cute and fun.

Fox got a haircut, a detail that was added in the trade-paperback remaster. At that point I knew you basically weren’t going to see him again until he came out, so I wanted to show he’s taking his first steps toward Boy Mode.

Cybele: And even if the American people aren’t blogging about it NOW, that ‘s no guarantee the Internet won’t pick it up eventually . . .

The Internet.

Sparrow (blogging): Congressman Arthur Bennett totally has a Being. Pass it on.

Walker: I am so glad I pay people to wade through this morass and extract a short representative sample.

Blake: If other people share our suspicions about Bennett, is that good or bad for us?

Tina (blogging): omg tho what if diplomacy was for real setTLED BY B EING BATTLES IM CRYING

Guy in his basement (blogging): OF COURSE the People in Congress all Have Beings.Its a Conspiracy passed down From the Founding Fathers.WAKE UP SHEEPLE

Woman at a desk (blogging): So he’d have to register under his own act?? That’s exactly like this X-Men AU I’m writing at my desk when work gets boring!

Dotan (blogging): [[ooc: hey does anyone mind if I redesign my Beingsona so she does politics??]]

Walker: Considering that it’s THESE people? I feel safe in saying we don’t need to rewrite the strategy playbook just yet.