Woman in fancy medieval dressPretty outfits for the sake of pretty outfits ftw.

Aaaand now we get to one of the biggest narrative flails I did in the whole comic. Obviously Jany had to find Walker’s secret Being prison — but how? What kinds of suspenseful lead-up hints could I drop? How would she accidentally get past all the security Walker undoubtedly has?

I had no idea. Had plenty of material in mind for what happens after Jany finds the thing, but was coming up empty for more in-between moves to get her there.

So I just…took the leap. Looked at all the unanswered questions and unfilled gaps, then pole-vaulted straight over them. Smash-cut to Jany and Kara Lynn at the prison entrance, absolutely no explanation, and frankly I hope most readers will just roll with it and not notice.

Readers who were around when the page originally dropped — do you remember what you thought at the time?

Jany (thinking): New post in the locked Being
community! . . . oh, it’s something about Congress. They aren’t that important, right? Gonna bump it down with a post of photos from the new flat.

saturn39: check out where i’m living <3 it’s right by the lab, so i can walk there if the weather’s nice! violetbauble: Looks great! How’s it goin w/ ur xperiments?

saturn39: brilliant. lately we’ve been testing KL’s shapechanging!
saturn39: she can make her bodymass into all sorts of materials. fabric, stones, anything! they don’t last if you take them away from her, but the scientists say it’s great anyway =3
saturn39: and her outfits are the PRETTIEST omg
saturn39: like obvs she’s gorgeous whenever, but they give her prompts for materials & she goes all-out <3

Dr. Lin: That’s it for today’s schedule. Unless you want to stick around?

Jany: Can’t, sorry. Ms. Walker asked me to come by her office at half five.

Dr. Lin: See you tomorrow! You know the way, right?

Jany: No problem!

. . . I think this may be the wrong door.