Cute girl in pink dressThe one where Bennett stops to ask for someone else’s input! While sounding like he has a sincere interest, and plans to listen and take it seriously, even! It’s almost like he’s having positive character development, here.

…but not too much development all at once, which is why Cybele shows off a rare human-form-to-different-human form transformation.

That, and I always want to draw more Cute Little Girl Cybele.

Bennett: Besides . . . I’m thinking about just letting that bill die in committee. It is not turning out to be the winning political issue I predicted.

Also, Ann Walker wants me to, and if I pull it off I’m scared of what she’ll ask for next.

Cybele: Really? Cohen’s the one who actually has dirt on you, but you don’t talk about being scared of him.

Bennett: I’m not! For a very good reason which I will think of in just a moment.

Look, you’re supposed to be hooked in to my emotions — how about you tell me?

Cybele: Ooh, can I, boss? Can I?

Bennett: I just said you should, didn’t I?

Cybele: Awesome! Just a sec!

Bennett: Why do you have to be in kid-form for this?

Cybele: Because you get more threatened by the suggestion of criticism from anybody older than six!