Bearded vultureLooks like a palm scanner on the door there, which makes sense, since they got through it by (*handwave*)

I love Kara Lynn’s deduction of “light-up rave bracelets count as clothing, so I’m shapeshifting to wear some.” She wouldn’t have had the idea before doing all the experiments at Walker’s lab. Although that raises the question — the ability shouldn’t be new, Beings should’ve been physically capable of magic luminescence the whole time. Before the invention of the rave bracelet, how would they have done it?

Presumably the whole idea hasn’t occurred to the Bearded Vulture at all, which is why he’s sitting in the dark.

Kara Lynn: If my outfit can include any material . . . let’s put on something phosphorescent.

Blake: How did they get through here?

Walker: Either that girl or her Being are cleverer than they sound. Follow them in. I’ll be down as soon as I can. If you find them, here’s what you say . . .

Jany: Smart thinking, the light idea. Oi there! I’m Jany, and this is Kara Lynn! Who’re you? Would you look at that bolt . . . ?

Lightning: H-hello? I’m the Bearded Vulture. But my Master calls me Lightning. Do you know where he is? Can you call him, please?