orb jewelryBlake breaks out their own glowing jewelry. And lots of it.

The hasty stuttering in their explanation isn’t supposed to be “obvious fakery that Jany would be an idiot not to see through” as much as “Rule of Funny/keeping things clear for the audience.”

And if Jany had played along, it probably would’ve read badly either way. That is, if I put in an obvious signal that she’s faking, readers would go “oh no, she’s a terrible actor.” But if I made it convincing, there would be readers saying “welp, she’s an idiot after all.”


Jany: Douse the lights!

Blake: Jany? Kara Lynn?

Are you okay? Have you been hurt?

Jany: You’re not mad at us?

Lightning: Blake! Is that you? Don’t listen, girl! How could I “hurt” you? You’re a human!

Blake: It would devastate her if you hurt her Being in battle, that’s how! You didn’t challenge it, did you? Because if you got involved . . . and got hurt . . . it would be bad for our plans . . . of you not getting hurt!