Mantis vs. fox, captioned: Courage: Sure, it just out-masses you by a factor of 10,000. I think you can take 'em.Jany holds her ground!

Granted: “confront the evil mastermind in the basement of her secret lair, with no communication, no witnesses, and only one exit, which her tiger is standing in front of” is maaaaybe not the best plan? There’s a good chance Kara Lynn could fight her way through a Blake-based blockade, but even so…

No, let’s give Jany credit. This is a good moment of savviness on her part, and one of the first times she digs in her heels and resists Blake’s/Walker’s manipulation. And, I mean, she does not get murdered by the end. So she did good.

Jany: Blake . . . Where’s your Master? I want to talk to her.

Blake: She’s on her way. And you can ask me anything too, of course. Let’s go meet her upstairs. It’ll be easier for you in the light.

Jany: I’ll wait here.



Walker: Miss Balachandran, what on earth are you doing down here? This area has security for a reason!

Jany: Ms. Walker . . . I challenge you. But: With conditions.