Kyuubey in shadowOne of the original commenters pointed out that a “plus, you let us walk out of here alive” clause would’ve been a useful addition, here.

Probably true. And if Jany’s watched some Twilight Zone, she’s probably familiar with the idea of “think very carefully about all the details/conditions/exact words of your wish before you make it.”

But again, it hasn’t occurred to Jany that murder is on the table here. (If it had, she wouldn’t have stayed in the dark deserted basement in the first place.) And for the part she’s focusing on, her conditions are pretty good.

violetbauble: Do ur experiments include puttin conditions on ur fights?
violetbauble: b/c weve been testin the limits of those lately & it’s rly cool what u can do.
violetbauble: 4 xample……

Jany: If Kara Lynn and I win — you have to tell me the truth about why Lightning is here, and what you’re doing with him. The whole truth!

Walker: Is that so. Of course, I would be happy to do that anyway. Are you sure you want to put your Being through a fight over it?

Jany: Yes!!

Walker: And if Blake and I win . . . what do we get?