cartoon light bulb over headOh look, Bennett does have one (1) good, valid, not-an-obvious-fallacy reason for putting his trust where it is.

Now I remember, this was the second of the “revealed the existence of the same sneaking-in Being twice” scenes. Tweaked in the remaster to make the more general point that Bennett knows some things about Cohen’s deal — and knows he can make Cohen nervous, even without actually having the background knowledge to explain why.

Little energy-efficient lightbulb going off over the head, there. It’s not a commentary on Bennett’s environmental positions, I just want to treat these as a generic standard. (Even when it comes to their use in cartoon graphics.)

Cybele: There is one last reason why it’s fine not to be scared of Cohen. With him, you have leverage!

Bennett: Huh?

Cybele: Remember how I told Cohen there was a mystery Being sneaking in to visit me? He got upset . . . before I actually said what I saw! He thought I was going to talk about something else!

Bennett: I remember! At first he said it was something you had “no possible way of knowing.” He has secrets other than us! Things he’s afraid for you to know! We can use that!

. . . except that you don’t actually know any of those things. Right? If you had any dirt on him, you would just be telling me what it is.

Cybele: True! But . . .


Bennett: Uh . . .


. . . but Cohen doesn’t know that you don’t know the things he doesn’t want you to know! If you could bluff him out over it — which you almost did already, without even trying —

Offscreen staffer: Congressman? Are you ready for your four o’clock?

Bennett: — I have a meeting with some lobbyists now, but we will pick up this discussion later!