Business Cat meme, labeled, I Can Haz Job?Personal photo of mine in the top left panel. I don’t remember who was actually rallying that day, though.

…That might be an author cameo in the bottom right, hoping for Sparrow’s job-getting secrets? Couldn’t swear to it.

Speaking from The Future, it turns out my real secret weapon was “move out of Boston.” And that’s as of writing these annotations, back in 2021. Maybe by the time this posts in 2023, I’ll even have benefits.

Boston: a rally co-run by the activist group Sparrow interns for.

Dot: We’re all sick of obstructionism in Congress. Well, in less than two months we’ll get the opportunity to change it!

Get out the word. Get out the vote. We need to elect people who will work FOR us, not claim it isn’t their job to work at all!

Sparrow: You tell ’em, boss! I’m gonna send so many angry tweets about this stuff later . . .

(Star Wars ringtone)

Hello . . . ?

Greg: Good news?

Sparrow: The BEST news! I got HIRED!

Greg: That’s fantastic! Is it still in politics? Are you going to be a PA? Or maybe doing design?

Sparrow: It’s in retail! I’m going to be a cashier.

Greg: What are the hours like? Any benefits?

Sparrow: It’s part-time, minimum wage, no benefits at all. Still stuck on Mom’s health insurance.

Greg: But still . . . it’s a job! And it pays! In money!

Sparrow: I KNOW, right?!

Rally attendee 1: Wait, she got a job? Where?

Rally attendee 2: Tell us your secrets!

Sparrow: That’s right! Bask in the glow of the employed!