Mug: Keep Calm and Call BatmanSparrow’s pride gets a liiiittle knocked down by her meeting with someone who has benefits. And paid vacation days. And a car!

She has a Batman mug. There’s another cup on the table between Bianca and Emma — not sure whose it is — but it looks like just a clear glass of ice water. A little lax of me, skipping the opportunity to work in a funny caption there.

Sparrow: Bianca, you’re never gonna guess the fantastic and wildly-improbable news —


Bianca: Oh! H-hi, Sparrow! Sorry, didn’t know you’d be back this early!

Sparrow: No, it’s fine! I can go lurk in my room for a while! Or I could take a walk! Would that be better? Say, what’s Patrick up to?

Emma: Who’s Patrick?

Bianca: Our other roommate.

Emma: But this is a two-bedroom . . .

Oh, are Patrick and Sparrow an item?

Sparrow: No!

Bianca: Sparrow, this is Emma. We just got back from a movie.

Sparrow: Uh-huh? At rush hour? Was the T a nightmare?

Emma: Well, the roads were! We took my car. I know the timing isn’t perfect, but I have to get to a PTA meeting this evening — as a teacher, not a parent! — so if we were going to see something, it had to be a matinée.

Sparrow: Oh, wow. You’re, like . . . a real adult, here.