types of glassesRe: those cars in the parking lot: I tried, okay?

Re: Emma: again with the “things I wear that I never see in character designs” detail, she wears glasses for distance vision only. So she didn’t need them for the makeout session, and she didn’t need to put them back on to sit around the table having a chat — but she does need them for driving. (Legally as well as physically.)

I get why most series don’t do this — it’s hard to keep up with the continuity for a character who needs glasses in some specific situations and not others. (Unless you’re doing a Clark Kent, where they’re a package deal with a whole look.) But it would be nice if they tried a little more.

Emma: Aw, you flatter me. Can I tell you a secret?

None of the other teachers know this, but my bedroom has a whole display of Supernatural action figures.

Your roommate seems nice! By which I mean Sparrow. You think I might run into Patrick some other time?


Bianca: . . . Maybe! But is it okay if we go out somewhere next time? Maybe eat at a fancy place? Or go dancing?

Emma: Those both sound great! Text me when you get your schedule for next week, okay?