Full disclosure: again, this is 2010 in-universe, and the still-findable appearances of the term “Superwholock” can be traced to 2011 at the earliest. It’s not quite as drastic as the “Pikachu hadn’t been released yet” discrepancy, because it’s totally possible that earlier uses of the word Superwholock have vanished from the internet, but still a bit of an anachronism.

It’s definitely a thing Emma has on the horizon in her future, though.

Sparrow will never appreciate the crossovers as much as she does Inspector Spacetime, but she can respect the feels.

Sparrow: So, you’re an anime girl dating a Superwholock? And it’s not, like, Alucard-and-Anderson levels of conflict?

Bianca: So far, so good! But tell me more about this job! When do you start?

Sparrow: As soon as my drug test and background check go through. They’ll call me!

It could happen any time!

Five days later:

Sparrow: Any day now!

Thirteen days later:

Sparrow: Any week now!

Twenty-two days later:

Sparrow: I’m not supposed to be here!!

Patrick: . . . Is this not the town-hall debate for your district ‘s House seat?

Sparrow: No, it is — I mean, I’m not supposed to be available by now! I’m supposed to be spending my afternoons either stocking shelves, or collapsing in exhaustion on the couch after a hard morning of shelf-stocking!

Patrick: Will it help if I go and get you a soda?

Sparrow: Yes, please.


Cybele: Hi there! Nice sign!