Researcher scanning a sleeping tigerJust gonna fill this with my favorite comment from the original post:

“Ooh, I’m loving this tension. Jany’s stalling a bit longer, explaining something that Walker’s probably already figured out from her story about Kara Lynn freezing up – so she’s giving away important information, but nothing that would kill Lightning for sure or that Walker could never have figured out on her own. Smart way to give off the impression of playing ball without actually making a commitment or crossing a line one way or the other. Asking to look at the research was a great idea, because it’s something she needs and something Walker is motivated to give her (since Walker believes the evidence is convincing). And Walker’s being just as cunning, of course, keeping Jany under supervision while she goes to this alleged meeting – possibly real but just as likely hashing out a plan with Blake.”


Jany: Well, I can tell you one thing. You’re never going to kill a Being by fighting it. They thrive on the energy of it, somehow. Stop them from fighting, and that’s when they’ll have problems. Now, let’s have a look at this research of yours, right?

Walker: Excellent.

Give her a tour of the Meggido file. Keep an eye on her so she doesn’t cause any damage, but let her look at anything.

Dr. Gaillard: How long have you been interested in historical Being research?

Jany: About half an hour.

Walker: I have a meeting. Keep her until I call.

Lightning (thinking): Teenagers! Master’s right. You can’t count on anyone younger than twenty-five.