Office desksImpressive level of setting detail in this research department. Good job, past me.

Dr. Gaillard is another character created for a different project and imported. It was recent enough that a good amount of readers recognized her on-sight. Which is good, because, in the pre-remastering version of this chapter…I completely forgot to actually introduce her. We just had the whole conversation without anybody mentioning her name.

Dr. Gaillard: You’re Jany, right? I’m Henriette Gaillard. You can call me . . . Dr. Gaillard. I work with the Being researchers to make sure all their work is documented and archived.

Jany: Ms. Walker hires older women for so many positions . . . does she do that on purpose?

Dr. Gaillard: “Older”? I’m forty-six.

Jany: Right, and . . . ?

Dr. Gaillard: . . . never mind. And no, the boss is definitely not making any special effort toward inclusive hiring. She’s not the type.

Jany: Well, that’s no good, is it?

Dr. Gaillard: No comment.

Jany: Why not? Why won’t you just say how you feel? If something’s wrong, you need to speak up! That’s the only way to change things for the better!

Dr. Gaillard: Listen, kid . . . have you ever heard the phrase “choose your battles”?