Meme guy with conspiracy wall“I mean, she has so many different documents pinned to this board, and there sure is a lot of string making real connections between them…”

No, seriously, again, giving Jany credit. She’s more than young enough to still be discovering, and trying to wrap her head around, political/historical revelations of this size that are actually true. And it’s being presented to her by an adult who sure seems credible and stable, and is treated as such by lots of people much older than Jany. It makes sense for her to take this as potentially legit.

Jany: It does read awfully apocalypse-y, I’ll give her that. The bits I understood, anyway.

Kara Lynn: Do you believe it?

Jany: Well . . . it’s too much to be fake, especially since she had the file all ready . . . I don’t know! Maybe she’s right about everything! I mean, she could just be mental, but if she was having delusions you’d think someone would have stopped her running a company.

Wish I had someone’s opinion other than hers, though. Do Dr. Lin and the other scientists in the Being research lab even know what their work is being used towards?

Dr. Gaillard has studied these documents directly — but if she’s worried about paying for her son at uni, she can’t think the world is ending all that soon.

And I can’t just ask. We said we’d keep Lightning confidential. We promised.

What do you think I should do, Kara Lynn? And don’t say “whatever you want to do, Master.” That’s such a cop-out.