Doctor Who screencap in a quarryHere we have Blake trying to look suave and authoritative, not fragile and guilt-inducing — so they get a fancy scarf that artistically covers the scar.

And after that, back to Bianca — at Emma’s place, which you can tell because she has a large flat-screen TV, not a tiny out-of-date secondhand one. Perfect for framing the obligatory Doctor Who quarry joke.

Jany: Look, just . . . Protect Kara Lynn at all costs. That’s what I need to see.

Blake: I look forward to showing you. <3 back in Boston:

“Drinks and dancing” turned into “back to my place for Netflix and chill,” which turned into . . .

TV: We have to reverse the periodicity of the isotope flow!

Bianca: Hey, Emma . . . could we pause for just a minute? I need to ask you about something.

Emma: Pause the kissing or the show? . . . Or both?

Bianca: Both. W-we can go back to the kissing afterward, though!

Emma: But not the show, huh.

Bianca: Well, it’s the episode in the quarry. I’ve seen that one already.