Bi teacher article headerOne of my trademark “character learns another character’s important secret via Actual Adult Conversation, before an extended buildup of stress and misunderstanding” scenes.

…yeah, there was a bit of misunderstanding, but it got cleared before it went critical. This chapter (and the whole comic, for that matter) has plenty of other sources of narrative tension without piling that on top.


Bianca: How did you know which remote to use.

Emma: So, what’s up?

Bianca: It’s a long story . . . look, can you keep a secret? Not a bad one, just . . . a secret one.

Emma: Sure, easy. I work with eight-year-olds, remember?

I’m not even out of the closet on the job. You would not believe the tantrums that parents can throw over not-bad things in a teacher’s personal life.

Bianca: Oh yes I would. You don’t know my parents. Anyway. . . how much do you know about Beings?

Emma: Like the Rabbit that caused all that trouble on the T a while back? I didn’t go downtown for a week, waiting for them to clean up the damage. But they’re not usually like that, right? Most of the time they’re cute and fuzzy and helpful.

Bianca: Right! And I know that because . . . my “roommate” Patrick is one of them.

Emma: Is that all? Phew!

Sorry, for a minute there I was afraid you were going to say he was your boyfriend. Nothing personal, but I’m not into poly.

Bianca: . . . He is definitely not that. I have a hard enough time dating one person, let alone two.