Loki and Sylvie, from Loki episode 3It’s a matter of taste whether you think Patrick-as-Sparrow is more or less cute than Patrick-as-doe-eyed-blonde…but c’mon, Patrick, one of those forms is definitely better suited to be Sparrow’s date.

Granted, there are some characters who would happily give “dating themselves” a try — but Patrick has no reason to think Sparrow is one of them. (Unless his memories with Cohen include some kinks we haven’t heard about.)

Bianca: . . . and she clearly had no idea who Patrick was! It was such a relief.

Sparrow: Good for you!

Bianca: Is it okay if I invite her to your election-night get-together?

Sparrow: With the group I’ve been campaigning with? Don’t see why not.

Patrick: Am I still coming? You said I could come!

Bianca: Of course! You can meet Emma there. Maybe you could pass yourself off to the rest of the crowd as Sparrow’s date?

Sparrow: Whoa, hold on.

Bianca: I mean in girl form — Patrick, show her —


Patrick: Yes, Bee.

How’s this? Am I cute enough?

Bianca: Um . . . a little too cute, actually. Better try something else, to make it less awkward.


Patrick: Is this better?

Sparrow: Hey!!