Hills near NazarethPretty sure that sepia-tinted background photo is some ruin in the Jerusalem area.  Does that count as foreshadowing for the setting of Interlude 3? I’m gonna say it counts.

Jany’s response is still good. There’s a lot in the Book of Revelation that you can pick up just by cultural osmosis — how many comics/TV shows/movies/books include the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? — but that doesn’t mean every non-Christian will, and it’s a very good thing Walker stops to ask, instead of just assuming Jany has all the backstory and jumping right in.


Kara Lynn (thinking): Oh . . . I had forgotten what it feels like to have your spine broken.

Jany: Uh . . . Great move, Kara Lynn! Blake sure is in rough shape now!

Walker: Never mind that, young lady. You’re going to lose. We both know it.

However . . . Since I’m going to tell you the truth anyway . . .

I may as well get a head start. How much do you know . . . about the Book of Revelation?

Jany: . . . you know, I have not gotten any less Muslim since the last time you asked about some Christian thing.