Overhead view of Boston after 2013 stormChapter 11 (Rainy Weather Friends) was about groups of characters being grounded (literally, in the case of the ones with flights booked) and pushed-together by a thunderstorm. Snow Night is the same thing but with a snowstorm.

“Miranda Lake” is the name on the Contract, so Poe can say “Mandy” and “Cohen” without stumbling.

He’s about as smooth as Reseda is with “Timothy” — and way more natural than Patrick is with “Bee.”

Miranda: We’re on Christmas break. I know you run a broadcasting company, not a toy company, but you ought to have noticed the boost in DVD sales.

Cohen: . . . Ah.

[Her school’s Xmas break ended two weeks ago.]

Miranda: What about you?

Cohen: My last flight was grounded by the storm. I decided not to spend the layover in a hotel when the Boston residence was so close.

. . . and so occupied, apparently. Who is this?

Miranda: This is Poe. He’s my boyfriend.

Poe: It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Cohen! I was wondering when Mandy would introduce me to her father.

[Making a point of saying her name.]

Cohen: Hmph.

Miranda, honey, can I talk to you for a minute? In the hall.