pouring tea in the dark“Seeing in the dark” and “playing with your food” fall under Reseda’s species-based traits as the Cat, similar to how “causing fiery explosions” is one of Kara Lynn’s traits as the Lizard, Which We Think Includes Dragons, Those Are A Thing Right?

The paintings in Cohen’s/Miranda’s home are just vague landscape-y shapes that I put in by hand, rather than existing public-domain paintings whose art I pasted in. Readers, which technique do you like better?

Cohen: . . .


Okay, I’m going to turn in. If the storm’s bad, tell the guy he’s welcome to stay. Just keep the noise down.

Miranda: (phew!)

All right, time for you to leave! Or at least, make all the sounds of a person who’s leaving.

Poe: Okay, Master . . . but why? I can keep it quiet. He won’t hear a thing I do.

Miranda: Doesn’t matter. As long as he thinks you’re here, no matter how silent you are, he’ll be imagining things.

Poe: Ohhh.

Reseda: You can’t escape, 2.5 Cups Broccoli! You’re in the Cat’s clutches now. Prepare to be broiled and devoured!

Patrick: I could do the cooking, if the lights were on! I could do it better, even!

Bianca: Patrick, are you doing okay . . . ? I haven’t seen you this tense and eager to please since . . . um . . . at least a week ago.