FMA pentacleThe slight timeskip means a lot of things have been quietly progressing in the background, here. Reseda and Patrick’s regular scheduled fights. Patrick and Miranda’s regular scheduled custody hangouts. Bianca and Patrick’s “not asking further questions about the stuff that gives him Being panic attacks.”

If “Being theft” became a common thing you could do without having to cross the extra-high bar of “getting away with murder” in the process…that would be a pretty big shift, yeah.

Patrick: Everything is fine and I didn’t say anything I wasn’t supposed to! It’s not my fault if Miranda figures things out on her own!

Bianca: Patrick . . . say the thing I told you to say.

Patrick: You are not going to take your name off the Contract. You’re not going to give me away. Ever.

Reseda: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Since when is “giving away” possible??

Timothy: It’s okay, Reseda! Cohen took his name off of Patrick’s Contract —

— but obviously I would never —

Reseda: Of course YOU wouldn’t erase your name — but can Cohen erase other people’s?

Timothy: I, um . . .

I don’t know.

If you could erase someone else’s name . . . co-opt a Contract without having to kill the Master . . . That would change the Game. That would change everything.

Sparrow: But not for us, right? Cohen got rid of Patrick, he won’t try taking him back —

— although Miranda still totally might. Patrick! What exactly did she say?