Irises by Van GoghNo paintings in this one, but a pretty nice “low-detail nearly-abstract view of a city” out the window, in place of a pasted-in photo. Simple, effective.

I could’ve taken a ride downtown, found a nice cafe to eat lunch in, and taken my own photo out the window…but this mini-flashback is to December, and this page was drawn in July. The vibe would’ve stood out as pretty different.

Can’t be too hard on Patrick here — Miranda’s realization was also fueled by an accidental info-disclosure from Sparrow (back in chapter 16).

And we wrap this up with Miranda doing the exact same disheartened, disheveled flop-on-the-bed that Cohen did back in chapter 8.

Patrick: S-she just figured out that —

Miranda: — your Sparrow friend doesn’t know anything at all about Being-hacking, does she?

Patrick: Um —

Miranda: So how does she get into the fights? Did someone set it up for her? Or was it some kind of accident?

Patrick: I didn’t mean to! It was definitely an accident!

Emma: I’m lost. Is this bad?

Bianca: I don’t know! Miranda already has what she wants from us — she gets to spend time with Patrick again —

So there’s no reason for her to try to fight with us anymore. Right?

Miranda (thinking): Ugh . . . Dad’s putting on a front of being an attentive parent again. Even though we both know it’ll only last a few days, then he’ll give up or get busy and forget all about it. He’s done this for ten years. I know his game by now! Why is he still trying?