NYU sweatshirtsThe page where we find out that Cohen didn’t just thoughtlessly trust Miranda’s story. He got it verified.

He’s wearing a sweatshirt with the New York University torch on it, by the way, so NYU is probably the school he went to.

The “everything goes monochrome” in the last panel isn’t as dramatic as it could be when most of the comic is monochrome, but I hope it boosts the effect, at least.

Miranda: Sure, yeah, I’d love the ex-Congressman. Because that is famously everyone’s favorite Christmas gift. A fruitcake.


Cybele (thinking): My nose is twitching . . . somebody must be talking bad about the boss.

Miranda: . . . Are you serious about giving me the Being research division?

Cohen: Ah, sure. Whythehell not? Gonna blow off college, you gotta have somethin’ to do. Between foolin’ around with whatsisface. Hey, is whatsisface inna school?

Miranda: W-what? Of course Poe’s in school. And so am I!

Cohen: Don’t gimme that!

I may be old and Jewish, but I can still look this stuff up on th’ Interwebs. Classes are back on. You oughta be in Arizona — or Alabama –wherever it was — but here y’are.

You’re plenty smart. Got two smart parents. Usedta get good grades, even! So what happened? Your mom —

— would be so ashamed —