Accessibility of same-sex marriage over timeSparrow’s final sentence becomes a pointed commentary on the Miranda-and-Cohen relationship.

And, you know, all of politics.

And maybe even one of the General Recurring Themes of BICP as a whole.

Cohen: . . . ?


Miranda: I do things for reasons. Mom would understand.

Cohen: Sure, honey. Sure she would.

Miranda: I only went to that school to get a thing. And I got it! I’m done there!

Cohen: Yeah?

Miranda: You better still offer me the research position when you sober up, because I will be great at it. You don’t even know.

Cohen: Yeah . . . I probably don’t.

But you’re gonna show me.

Sparrow: Ha-hah! Power’s back — we can see again!

Reseda (offscreen): Aren’t you about to turn off the lights and go to bed?

Sparrow: Just because things aren’t ideal doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate progress.