Kitten and puppy cuddlingReseda and Patrick, there is room for both of you there, you know? Especially if you get small enough.

(And it ends up being moot because Reseda sleeps on Timothy anyway.)

This night features Emma wearing the Emma Fashion Trifecta: the multi-layered clothes, the knit cap and the Sometimes Glasses.



Reseda: I’m the guest, I get the nice chair!

Patrick: It’s my spot! I have dibs!

Bianca: Hey, Emma . . .

Emma: Yeah?

Bianca: I know I invited you to have the couch, but . . . Since it’s the apartment is so crowded tonight, maybe Timothy could have that, and you can . . . if you want to . . .

Emma: . . . cuddle?

Bianca: Y-yeah.

Emma: The dog will know better than to come in, right?

Bianca: Eheh . . . yes, but Beings have very good hearing.

Sparrow (offscreen): Hey . . . are you awake?