Goats in Pakistan competitionSparrow was just wearing the turtleneck at the start of the chapter, but now she’s got a second shirt over it. Inspired by the Emma Trifecta? (She already had the knit cap.)

Another short review of background-character Beings, like the “Beings with acting jobs” list earlier. But for this one — a list of Beings treated as religious and/or cultlike figures — I showed the actual designs. The Sea Monster has already appeared; the Lion showed up in some bonus art; the Goat is new for this page. Shame they never showed up again. I liked the “spiral horns and goat pupils” design.


Sparrow: Reseda was the focus of a cult when you met her. Led by her former Master. You got her out of it, basically by accident. You quit after the leader died, and she followed you out.

But I’ve done my research — I know there are others . . .


Thanks. . . . there are other Being-centric cults around.

A town in, I think it’s Zimbabwe, that reveres the Lion. A group in remote Pakistan that’s focused on the Goat. The Master of the Octopus, in Japan, collects gifts on her behalf from people who think she’s some kind of spirit.

To say nothing of Masters who have Beings do bad things without any religious excuse . . . or Beings who are MIA, doing who-knows-what.

But I bet you’ve looked up this stuff already, right? You have good reasons to be interested.