He-Man riding Battle CatBattle Camellia is wielding the Fourth Pentacle of Mars: “It is of great virtue and power in war, wherefore without doubt it will give thee victory.”

On her tunic is just Battle Reseda’s sigil.

This isn’t Reseda’s official Monster Form — at this point in the comic, I haven’t even designed that. It ends up being a little weirder and more otherworldly, like the Tiger and the Lizard, rather than following the Dog and Rabbit in just being “a cool cat, but Big.”

Timothy: Yes, I’ve looked it up. For obvious reasons, it’s not my favorite thing to talk about —

Sparrow: I just want to know ahead of time if you decide to go off on some kind of . . .


Timothy: I’m planning to go off and get that outfit, is what I’m planning.

Sparrow: Stay on topic, buddy.

Look, these people get dangerous. I don’t have personal experience, but I’ve studied the politics. And watched all of The West Wing.