Cat standing on dogs to raid the fridge, captioned: Teamwork: Together you will achieve your goalsI think those are tiger lilies in the big splash panel. Nice way to draw a subtle-but-pointed connection between the treatment of “Sister Lily” and “the Tiger.”

It would be more obvious if I went a step farther and colored them in orange, but eh. I’m leaving this one as-is.

The phrase “Heroic Quest to Save All the Beings” is in Magneto Bold, the updated BICP title font. (Same device I use for “Secret Order of Monster Hunters” in Leif & Thorn.) Like the chapter covers, it got changed in the remastering.

Timothy: You think you need to remind me that cultists are dangerous? For you, it’s TV. For me, it’s my life!

I can’t help every human who’s caught up in one of them. I’ve spent my entire adult life helping people who on’t have enough to eat, instead. Using that as a substitute. But now you’re telling me I could do something even closer? That a HEROIC QUEST TO SAVE ALL THE BEINGS in Being-based cults is possible?

Yes, I’m planning to look into it. I might even try it! Danger be damned! And if you don’t like it —

Sparrow: Okay, slow down! Why do you think I’m trying to talk you out of this? What I’m working up to saying here is — I want to help!