dog in sweaterBee Count: 5 — after a stumble over “Master.”

“Aren’t you cute?” “Yes!”

Check it out, one of the rare things Patrick has total confidence in. And well-deserved. It is very, very hard to go wrong with cute little doggy sweaters.

Bianca: So . . . you know Patrick’s going to be there, right? Are you okay with that?

Emma: I was going to ask you that. He got really upset the last time I met him.

Bianca: Only because I went and talked about giving him away.

Emma: So he’s like a child with abandonment issues . . .

Bianca: Sort of? But — you have to remember that they’re not human issues.

Emma: Maybe I’ll try thinking of him as a dog again. Just a dog that happens to talk.

I did think you were a pretty good pet owner, after all.

Bianca: Patrick! Switch forms!

Patrick: Master! Bee! I made puttanesca! I still can’t read the box, but I did it the way you showed me, and it worked!

Bianca: Good job, Patrick! Aww, aren’t you cute in your sweater?

Patrick: Yes!

Sparrow: That was me! All my idea! If you ever decide to build an Internet empire on pictures of Patrick wearing adorable clothing, I call dibs on half the profits.