Leela screencapThis was when I started offering cameos as Patreon rewards, so the role of Inspector Spacetime’s Companion is played by a Patreon supporter. (The reward still exists! They’re just all Leif & Thorn cameos now, because BICP is, you know, finished.)

Sparrow is on Team Asexual!Doctor, Lesbian!Every-Female-Companion. It’s a narrow and lonely road, more and more with every season, but she will walk it all alone if she has to.

(She ships Romana with Leela, and, of course, Sarah Jane with President Roslin.)

Genevadoratrelundor (TV): Inspector! I got the plotdevicium crystal you asked for!
Inspector Spacetime (TV): Well done, Genevadoratrelundor! Put it on the cardboardite stand, quickly!

Emma: I love this episode! Come on, you two, kiss!

Sparrow (thinking): Bianca’s such a tolerant person . . . I could never date a girl who has such Wrong Opinions about shipping.

Emma: Hey, is there anyone who has their Being in the acting business?

Bianca: Yes! I looked that up once. The Swan does movies in LA, and the guy who has the Adder rents them to productions in Bollywood.

Patrick: There’s also the Sea Monster, who’s in Japan and does —




Bianca: Oh, it’s Camellia! She’s the Master of the Cat.

. . . who isn’t on TV, but uses her shapeshifting for other kinds
of performances.

Hey there! Yes, it’s Bianca. Is everything okay out there?