fluffy cat (her name is Smoothie)43 Fahrenheit is 6 Celsius, in case you’re from a more progressive country than our main cast.

Timothy’s “it’s winter in Boston and the heat went out” plight is also inspired by personal experience (not the fault of a cheap landlord, at least not directly). It’s pretty miserable. Even if you have a warm coat, and a big thick comforter like Sparrow’s, and The Fluffiest Reseda to keep you warm.

Timothy: Nope. No, things are not going well.

The heat in my building is shut off. And my landlord isn’t responding to phone calls. Is there any chance we could . . . crash at your place tonight?

Bianca: . . .

Yes, but you’re gonna have to bring your own sleeping bag.

Can you find our address on Google Maps, or should I send Patrick to meet you at the T?

Timothy: Send Patrick. I only get online at work — I don’t have access to Google at home.

Bianca: You don’t have Internet at your place? How do you cope? What do you do?

Timothy: You know, some of us grew up in a different era, and we lived like this just fine.

Bianca: You’re six years older than I am!

Timothy: Also, I was raised in a cult.

Bianca: Ooh. Right, sorry.