Stevonnie screencapTimothy himself hasn’t actually used the word “bigender,” though it was in circulation in 2011. It’s a fair guess from Bianca, though. Gets the general idea across.

“Nonbinary” works as a generic umbrella term, and if I’m drawing the cast with flags, that’s the one I use for him. That said, it kinda has a default association with “person who has a consistent gender identity that’s neither male nor female.” Plus, in-universe, we’re still a few years before it really took off. So there are multiple reasons he doesn’t use that one either.

He’d also have a hard time with the soon-to-ascend “pronouns in your bio” convention, because “‘he’ if I’m feeling male, ‘she’ if I’m feeling female, which you can usually intuit from my outfit but not always, so I’m honestly not bothered if you guess wrong, and I would never ask to be called ‘they’ but if you use that in an effort to play it safe/respectful I won’t mind that either, unless it’s a dangerously transphobic environment, in which case ‘he’ takes precedence over all of that” is, uh…hard to condense into most character limits.

Good thing “It’s Complicated” is always an option, huh?

Bianca: Okay. See you soon, Timothy.

Emma: Wait, isn’t this Camellia? Or is that a drag name? What pronouns do I use . . . ?

Bianca: He’s, um, I think “bigender” is the word? Sometimes a “she”, sometimes a “he” . . . and really needs the space in his life to do both.

But it’s safest for him if you default to “Timothy” and “he” when he’s presenting as male. Or when you can’t tell. He works for a church, and they’re not exactly trans-friendly.

Emma: And his Being — the Cat — fights with Patrick sometimes, right?

Patrick: That’s right! It’s just for exercise. It’s not a contest! We’re not tracking who wins.

Emma: I didn’t ask…

Do you mind not fighting while I’m here?

Sparrow: It’s not like you’d notice. The fights take place in hammerspace . . . and, I guess you’d call it, hammertime. The only ones affected are the Masters, their Beings . . .

. . . and certain roommates at the most inconvenient times.

(Sparrow: Toto, I don’t think we’re in the StuffMart anymore.)

Bianca: Sorry! We’ve been trying really hard to stop scheduling them when you’re at work!